5 Table Decorating Secrets To Simplify Your Next Event

Helpful tips for the busy host
written by Amanda Randone

Unless you’re a professional Mrs. Dalloway, hosting an event—whether it’s a casual gathering among friends or an all-out extravaganza—often comes with a hearty dose of pressure. Of course, invitees never see the stress and planning that’s poured into each delightful menu offering and signature cocktail ingredient. Not to mention, the bar for Pinterest-worthy decor gets set higher and higher with each DIY dinner party or gender reveal. But don’t panic just yet, because these five table decorating ideas will elevate your next event while simplifying the entire preparation process so you can enjoy the festivities as much as your guests. 


  1. Choose a theme 

With endless decor options for your tablescape, narrow down your options by establishing a theme. Whether you’re organizing a farm-to-table meal or a murder mystery party, sticking to a theme will make navigating the aisles of your nearest party supply store much more efficient.


  1. Prioritize function over fashion

Focus on essentials like tableware and linens before even thinking about a centerpiece or accessories. Do you prefer a tablecloth or a runner? Or perhaps a runner layered over a tablecloth in a contrasting color? Nailing down these details will set the tone to mix and match your dishes, cutlery, and adornments accordingly. 


  1. Skip the flowers 

Save yourself a trip to the florist and add colorful fruit like limes, apples, and oranges to your cart during your next trip to the grocery store. For a dual-purpose decorating idea, display your fruit in glass vessels to replace a traditional centerpiece, and then serve it up for dessert after dinner.


  1. Let your glassware do the work for you 

Your centerpiece does not necessarily have to be the center of attention. Surprise your guests with unique drinking glasses that make a statement instead, like Arion 1725’s dazzling wine glasses embellished with 80 Swarovski crystals each. This delicate touch of sparkle will transform the aesthetic of your entire table. 


  1. Set up the night before

Since you can expect to have your hands full in the hours leading up to your event, set the dinner table the evening before to get a head start on that endless to-do list.