Here’s Why The Shape Of Your Wine Glass Matters

It’s a question of science
written by Amanda Randone

Wine, in all of its fermented glory, is a liquid treasure and should be treated as such. This is why we suggest enjoying it wrapped in a cyclone of Swarovski crystals. This is also why it should always be served in the correct glassware. It’s a matter of chemistry. 


While there’s a lot to love about opening a fabulous bottle of wine—the luxurious aromas, the rich colors, the power of that first sip to transport you to a foreign place—the risk of ruining it is significant. Despite what skeptics believe, scientists have proven that the design of a wine glass functions to optimize flavor and experience, which means shape makes all the difference. The inward facing sides (as opposed to the sides of a martini glass, for example, which extend outwards) actually result in the creation of a ring-shaped vapor pattern so the wine’s gaseous ethanol is contained at the rim. This allows for a drinker, whose nose points directly to the middle of the glass when sipping, to savor a centralized and distinct aroma while avoiding the alcohol’s harsher properties. 


Considering the strong sensory relationship between smell and taste, it makes sense that the geometry of glassware can deliver different bouquets and finishes that ultimately impact flavor. So, please serve responsibly so you can enjoy your beverage to its full potential.