Arion 1725® is revolutionizing glassware, bringing ingenuity and sparkle to an industry that has been stagnant for over 40 years. Founded in 2016, the company has formed an exclusive production partnership with Swarovski®, the world’s leading supplier of high quality crystals, to create a range of glassware that feature bursts of crystals on the stem and bowl of each item. 

Using high precision machinery specially created for Arion 1725®, these robot-like devices precisely attach each crystal on a glass with a clear adhesive. The ultraviolet light technology used to attach the glue ensures that it is dishwasher-safe and invisible, allowing the diamond-like stones to radiate light from all vantage points.

The inaugural collection, titled Marqués de Povar®, is composed of six elegant pieces—from wine glasses to champagne flutes to decanters—that are embellished with over 80 crystals from Swarovski®, brightening the dining experience tenfold. Additionally, Arion 1725® offers customizable sets, where logos or other designs can be fashioned onto glassware. These personalized items, which has been a growing trend in the luxury sector, makes certain that birthdays, anniversaries, corporate functions and tabletops in general are all the more enhanced. These shimmering pieces imbue equal parts grace and glitz—a characteristic that Arion 1725® saw was missing in the tableware industry. 

Founder Joaquin Fernandez de Cordova Hohenlohe—the Duke of Arion, which is the brand’s namesake, and a successful venture capitalist—has traveled the globe, amassing a firm grasp of how the idea of luxury has evolved. He saw how consumers are looking for items that are personalized, that resonate and bolster experiences more than ever before. Seeing this shift, he sought to bring a dazzling element back to dining. 

Over the next few years, Arion 1725® will roll out the Marqués de Malpica® and Duque de Arión® collections, which expands on the crystal component from Swarovski®, grouping them in elegant, eye-catching ways. And by 2020, the brand will introduce new silhouettes inspired by contemporary architecture to its repertoire.